Terms and Conditions

Standard delivery time is about 1-5 working days. During high season it may take longer.

We ship orders with DHL & Postnord. We do not take financial responsibility for any delays depending on the carrier.

If you discover any damage to the package, you must immediately notify the delivery point or other carrier and make a claim. Do not retrieve a damaged package! If you do not detect the damage until you have opened the package/box, and the damage/cost is such that it can be attributed to DHL’s or the carrier’s handling, you should contact them and make a claim report. If any dispute with DHL or the carrier can’t be solved, please contact us. If you have ordered and do not pick up your shipment before it returns to us (package about 14 days), we will bill you SEK 450 for our work on handling the goods.

Free shipping on all orders over SEK 1000 otherwise the shipping cost is SEK 250,- if you choose to shop for less than SEK 1000

Return Policy / Complaints

We comply with the law on distance contracts by the Swedish and Danish Consumer Agency’s recommendations. You have the right under the distance contract law to return ordered defective, unused, and unopened goods without giving any reason. Notice of this must be provided as soon as possible, but no later than fourteen (14) days from receipt of the item (does not apply to specially ordered goods). If you can prove that there is a manufacturing defect in the product, you always get new parts. You pay the return freight yourself. For repayment – enter your postal, bank, personal, or bank account number. (Repayment of hard parts we take 20% fee)

The goods will be sent with the business package to Randrup Sportsgear and Parts AB, Signe Löfdahls väg 20, 21851 Klagshamn – SE Sweden.

Payment options

– Clear Checkout

After identification and risk assessment, Klarna Checkout shows the payment options that can be offered to you. Whichever payment option you choose, Klarna or one of Klarna’s partners is the person handling the payment transaction while the actual purchase of the product or service is made directly by the store. Product- or service-specific questions should, therefore, be addressed directly to the store.

Current payment options that may currently be offered through Klarna Checkout are invoice, account credit, card payment or direct payment via bank. Invoice is the default payment option. See https://checkout.klarna.com/legal/swe/sv-se/generic.html (The link opens in a new window) for complete terms regarding Klarna Checkout.

– Klarna invoice

When you pay via Klarna invoice, you shop safely and efficiently. You never have to enter your card details, and always pay after you get your goods home.

• Always get the item home before you pay

• Payment time – always 14 days

• You never need to disclose card details

• Always 14 days right of withdrawal by the distance and home sales law *

• Download your invoices from klarna.se

• Possibility of partial payment

If the payment fails, a reminder fee of SEK 50.00 plus the interest rate of 26.00% will be added. At the time of purchase, a credit check is carried out, which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. You will then receive a copy of the credit information by mail. Personal data is handled in accordance with current legislation. Klarna processes personal data for the purpose of performing customer analysis, identification, credit control and marketing. Social security numbers are used as customer numbers for customer management purposes.

* Does not apply to all goods and services, eg. air travel, events and custom made goods.

– Clear Account

The payment method for you who want to choose how much you pay each month. But Klarna’s account is more than that. In addition to always getting your goods home before you pay, you collect all your purchases in one account. This is true even if you have shopped in several different stores via Klarna account. This means a single invoice, regardless of the number of purchases.

• Always get the item home before you pay

• Pay from SEK 50 / month or 1/24 of the total amount

• You never need to disclose card details

• All your purchases are collected on one account and on one invoice

• Shop now – pay at the end of the next month

• A newspaper fee of SEK 29, regardless of the number of purchases

• You can pay the full amount at any time at one time

For the purchase of SEK 10000 with Klarna Konto basic terms, the setup fee is SEK 0. The current annual interest rate is 19.90%, which corresponds to an effective interest rate of 29.22%. The credit purchase price is SEK 11458. The number of installments is 12 and each installment is SEK 955. The example assumes that payment is made over a period of one year.

At the time of purchase, a credit check is carried out, which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. You will then receive a copy of the credit report by mail.

Read more: General conditions

Read more: Standardized European consumer credit information

– Card Payment / Certitrade

You pay with your Visa or Mastercard via Certitrade / Euroline 100% secure. All information is encrypted with SSL – 128 bit. The money is reserved on your account and is usually deducted within 24 hours of you placing your request